10 Best Hazy IPAs to Drink in 2022

If you’re not much of a beer drinker, you probably have a hard-to-shake image of what an IPA is. It’s likely loaded with dank, resinous pine, maybe a fair amount of citrus, and is extremely (borderline aggressively) bitter. We get why this is a basic image of the IPA. But it really only describes the … Read more

Ukrainian Brewery Stops Production to Make Molotov Cocktails

On February 24, Russian military forces began a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Three days after that, Pravda, a Ukrainian Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine, stopped making beer and started brewing Molotov cocktails. “It’s very much a now or never moment,” Yuri Zastavny, the owner of Pravda (“Truth”) Brewery, told WBUR. In addition to the “truth cocktails,” … Read more

2022 Spring Style Guide for Men

For a seasonally appropriate 2022 spring style upgrade, mix ‘n’ match earth tones with rich fabrics to get that updated classic look. By ditching monochromatic outfits of white, black, and grey in favor of light browns, bright greens, soft whites, and jewel-toned blues, you breathe new life into your wardrobe, just as winter flows into … Read more

4-Day Weekend in Door County, Wisconsin

Scenic rural highways, charming villages, and trails snaking between white birch and sugar maple trees. Family-owned wineries and cheese shops tucked between sprawling orchards. Centenarian lighthouses standing guard on the dramatic coastlines of Lake Michigan. These are just some of the reasons Door County, Wisconsin has earned the nickname “The Cape Cod of the Midwest.” … Read more

Best Tools for Splitting Wood

Cutting, harvesting, and processing wood all year long to keep your fires stoked and ready for cold, inclement weather goes beyond a chainsaw and ax. There are a multitude of tools for splitting wood that make the chore a less labor-intensive task. Other tools for splitting wood, like a variety of saw sizes and dedicated … Read more

Most Durable Workwear to Get Any Job Done

Don’t get roped into the idea that your workwear has to be big, boxy, and restrictive. The newest styles and cuts favor a more tailored look combined with textiles that have a little stretch added for greater comfort and range of motion when crouching and doing chores. From gloves to boots, this ready-for-anything workwear is … Read more