The Best Wrinkle Creams for Men

This is sponsored content with Blue Atlas. Are you starting to notice new wrinkles during your Zoom meetings or when you look in the mirror? Men may not be as forward-thinking or proactive as women when it comes to aging, but their skin undergoes the inevitable aging process all the same—if not more. Thankfully, some … Read more

Best Smelling Soaps for Men 

This is sponsored content with Blue Atlas. Men’s skin-care and grooming is getting a much-needed upgrade, including traditional bar soaps. Instead of the basic, conventional soaps of yesteryear that left skin feeling too clean and stripped of its natural oils, today’s soaps for men are full of beneficial skin-care ingredients and subtle yet compelling fragrances … Read more

The 15 Best Men’s Slim-Fit T-Shirts for 2022

When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s nothing more classic than a T-shirt. But ask any stylist and they’ll agree: The humble tee is the foundation for effortless style. While there are no shortage of options available, it’s a good idea to focus your search around slim-fit T-shirts—they’ll deliver the most flattering shape and they … Read more

Travel in First-Class Style With Cole Haan’s 4.ZERØGRAND Stitchlite™ Oxford

This article was produced in partnership with Cole Haan. With airlines cutting costs at every turn and record crowds funneling through the world’s airports, it might seem like the halcyon days of glamorous travel will never make a comeback. But that doesn’t mean mens’ style should also become a victim of today’s air travel woes. … Read more

Can you work out after a spray tan?

Although they can turn you into a flawless bronze goddess, spray tans have this big flaw of being temporary and pretty tricky to maintain. With other strict warnings, a workout after a spray tan is at the top of the no-no list, and for good reasons. Read on to find out why exercise should be … Read more