Sleep Is Best in Moderation to Help Reduce Cognitive Decline

A study of older individuals has determined that both long and short sleepers suffered greater cognitive decline compared to individuals sleeping moderate amounts, even when considering the effects of early Alzheimer’s disease.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1093/brain/awab272 Alzheimer’s disease and poor sleep are both linked to cognitive decline, and to separate the effects of each one is … Read more

How to Get Enough Sleep During the Holidays

For all its merriment and cheer, the holiday season can also be a stressful time. Your social calendar is likely jam-packed with social events, the pressure to find the perfect gift is on and your cooking skills are about to be put to the ultimate test. Factor in the late nights, disrupted routines and the … Read more

Can Weighted Blankets Help to Improve Sleep for People With Insomnia?

According to a randomized, controlled study, weighted blankets are effective and safe for treating insomnia. The study discovered that individuals with insomnia who have psychiatric disorders experienced a reduction in the severity of insomnia, less daytime sleepiness, and improved sleep after they slept with a weighted chain blanket.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.5664/jcsm.8636 The study results reveal … Read more

5 Unhealthy Habits Proven to Make You Age Faster

1. Regular soda consumption may make you age more quickly According to researchers who discovered that consuming sugary drinks was linked to cell aging, the consumption of sugar-sweetened soda might increase the risk of disease separately from the part it plays in obesity. The study discovered that the protective DNA caps at the ends of … Read more

Research Has Found Getting More Sleep Helps to Reduce Calorie Intake

Experts say the ongoing obesity epidemic is for the most part due to an increase in calorie intake rather than insufficient exercise. However, a study on how having enough sleep can impact calorie intake in a real-world environment may change our perception of weight loss to some degree.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2021.8098 In a randomized study … Read more

Exposure to Moderate Light While Sleeping May Harm Health of the Heart

According to a study, even moderate ambient lighting exposure while sleeping at night, in comparison to sleeping in a dimly lit room, causes harm to cardiovascular function and increases insulin resistance the following morning.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1073/pnas.2113290119 These study results show that just one night of moderate lighting exposure in a room while sleeping can … Read more