Exercise For Flat Tummy In 7 Days

Here is a new series of two very effective exercises to work your abdominal strap! 😉


For this exercise:

1- Start the exercise in a plank position: legs and arms are stretched, the body must be sheathed.

2- Bend your right leg by bringing your right knee under your torso without putting it on the ground.

3- Perform an impulse to reverse your support (the feet), it is now your left leg which is bent under your torso, and your right leg which is stretched.

4- Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Always ensure that the legs/buttocks/back/head alignment is maintained. To do this, keep your shoulders low. So that your head and neck are well placed, avoid looking at your hands, but rather look forward and diagonally!


For this exercise:

1- In a seated position, bend your knees and keep your legs and feet together.

Stretch your arms out in front of you and squeeze both hands together. Lower your bust a little, you should be in a reclined position.

2- Once in this position, you will move your hands from left to right, rotating your chest.

3- Do  3 sets of 15 repetitions. 

A little tip to work even more deeply: you can also do this exercise with a dumbbell in your hands.

🍴 Flat stomach menu🍴 (for 1 pers.)

Slimming and pleasure: here is the flat stomach menu of the day to feast on you without counting the calories! 😊


Composed of: 2 WASA type rusks / 1 knob of butter / 1 handful of raisins / 1 fresh fruit juice.


1 spinach salad with goat cheese and walnuts with 100 g of baby spinach + 4 slices of goat cheese to cut into small pieces + ten walnut kernels + 1 lighthouse vinaigrette (1 tbsp of mustard + 3 tbsp of lemon juice + 1 tbsp of olive oil + salt and pepper) and 1 fried egg. And for dessert, 1 banana.


1 tea + 1 bowl of Fromage blanc.


1 portion of pan-fried St Jacaques nuts + 2 Provencal tomatoes. And for dessert, 1 yogurt of your choice.

And to enjoy this slimming menu for two, simply double the portions! 😉

💪🏻 Coach’s advice 💪🏻

This is our special Flat Belly week which is coming to an end. But we don’t abandon you girls, no no no! What if we set ourselves the goal of having a dream body for this summer? 😉

As we have seen throughout this week, to lose weight effectively, it is essential to combine regular physical activity with a balanced diet. Indeed, for one to have a dream body, it is essential to pay attention to his diet, from the morning!