How to Remove Stretch Marks on Belly?

First of all, let’s get rid of a misunderstanding: stretch marks – occur in both women and men. It is a deviation of the skin that occurs when your skin stretches too quickly. When that happens, the subcutaneous connective tissue tears and streaks appear that can be several centimeters long. That process is basically harmless to your health, but it can be quite aesthetically pleasing.

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How to Remove Stretch Marks on Belly – About prevention and cure

Let’s not put a damper in it: stretch marks are hard to prevent, period. The only method with a real success guarantee is to ensure that you do not arrive too quickly or become wider. In that case, a healthy lifestyle is much more efficient than jars and ointments. Keeping your skin supple is another way to prevent stretch marks. You can do this by lubricating, for example, almond oil, udder ointment or another fatty cream or oil. But again: it is not a guarantee that if you lubricate twice a day for 9 months, your body will be free of stretch marks. Genes are much stronger than a game, unfortunately.

Unwanted guest

Where do these stripes actually come from and how do they end up on our buttocks and stomach? The most well-known reason for stretch marks is of course pregnancy. But even if you quickly gain kilos for a different reason in a short time, you can fall prey to those annoying stripes. Your skin can not follow the growth process. Whether you suffer from stretch marks a lot or a little, is largely determined genetically. For example, if your mother suffered from stretch marks during her pregnancy, there is a real chance that you will have to believe it.

There is a genetic factor. If your mother has stretch marks, there is a real chance that you will have to believe it.

But not only pregnant women and overweight people get stretch marks. Young people can also get pretty bothered by it during puberty, precisely for the same reason: too great a spurt of growth, both in length and in width. Finally, stretch marks also lurk in the fitness on the corner. Whoever starts training certain parts of the body or muscles very hard and therefore expands them at a fast pace also runs the risk of stretch marks.

Ointment here, cream there

Fortunately, nature itself is forgiving, stretch marks fade away after a while. Stretch marks then turn white, which is officially called  stretch marks alba . To reinforce that natural process, lubrication  – both during your pregnancy or weight gain and afterward – is definitely an option. Just don’t buy expensive products in the hope that they will make the phenomenon disappear forever, because that simply won’t happen with any ointment. Even with a vitamin A acid cure, a treatment that only the doctor can prescribe and that is said to make the most significant difference to your stretch marks, is a completely strip-free body no guarantee. A strip is subcutaneous torn connective tissue, so you can’t stick that together again with any cream.

A strip is subcutaneous torn connective tissue, so you can’t stick that together again with any cream.

Streak through your bill?

If ‘ softly fading ‘ is simply not enough for you, there is another alternative, although a line on your body may mean a line through your bill.

  • Laser and light therapy is an expensive but effective treatment against stretch marks, and in particular, those stubborn stretch marks Rubra. On average, 3 to 5 treatments are needed to make those red marks disappear or fade strongly. How does it work? A laser penetrates deep into the skin with laser pulses. This way your body makes new collagen and new supporting tissue, thereby replacing the damaged connective tissue.
  • Also, microdermabrasion is a treatment that can provide relief. This therapy removes dead skin cells with the help of an intensive peeling. The skin gets better blood circulation and stimulates the production of cells. For both treatments, you go to the dermatologist or a  specialized medical beauty institute.
  • Endermology (mechanical connective tissue massage), on the other hand, is an efficient treatment against cellulite and is also used in burn care, so that it can also be used to reduce stretch marks.
  • Microneedling, on the other hand, can be done on your own. It is a technique that has long been used in beauty care. The concept is simple: a roller with hundreds of micro needles perforates your skin for the purpose of a complete recovery. You make small wounds in your skin that repair itself. Creepy? A bit, but it is effective.

Let’s face it

It is clear: getting rid of your marks is almost impossible. That is why you can also take a different approach and try to accept those lines and stripes on your body. The fact that there are so many creams and treatments on the market mean that you are by no means the only person to be affected. Strips are part of the evolution that your body goes through during your life. Maybe it’s about time we just see them as memories of certain periods and a meaningful part of ourselves.