The One Thing

If I had to choose a few words and phrases to describe my hair, I’d probably go with long, fine, straight and as slippery as the escargot Julia Roberts sends flying across the room in the dinner scene from Pretty Woman. Needless to say, getting my hair to stay in a bun is a challenge. … Read more

The Gift Card Gift Guide

Two days till Christmas: do you think the elves have packed up their tools and started drinking, like the rest of us? If you haven’t squared away your presents by now, you’re probably screwed. Or… maybe not. Even if you wait until tomorrow—even if you roll out of bed Christmas morning and realize you didn’t … Read more

The Top Top Shelves Of 2021

Thanks for listening to Radio ITG—if you’re only just tuning in, you’ve missed quite a few bangers. A year’s worth, actually. On The Top Shelf, writers, interior designers, chefs, beauty professionals, and more shared their favorite tips and recommendations… Music to our ears! And because we know that you want all the hits and nothing … Read more

Travel in First-Class Style With Cole Haan’s 4.ZERØGRAND Stitchlite™ Oxford

This article was produced in partnership with Cole Haan. With airlines cutting costs at every turn and record crowds funneling through the world’s airports, it might seem like the halcyon days of glamorous travel will never make a comeback. But that doesn’t mean mens’ style should also become a victim of today’s air travel woes. … Read more

Top 25 2021: Cheap Thrills

THE ZIPLOC There’s a triangle whose rule governs skincare: embossed on each point respectively, the words “sustainable”, “affordable,” and “life-changing.” Most of the time, you get to pick just two. But the loophole has its own loopholes—one for each ear! This reusable silicone face mask is the first and only product from Experiment, a brand … Read more

The Best Beauty Advice We've Heard This Year

Everyone’s the CEO of their own beauty startup: when it comes to figuring out a routine that works, there’s a lot of learning-by-doing. What do you budget for? Where should you splurge? How do you get this to work like that, or even just run smoothly? There’s a whole vocabulary to learn, processes to get … Read more

Six Smells You've Never Smelled Before

December has its holidays and the smells inherent: piney Christmas trees, fresh baked buns, fizzing champagne. And February gets all of the allure of romance: chocolates, red wine, bubble baths. But how do you solve a problem like January? After that first day of celebration, everything fades to gray-and-white. The Christmas trees pile up by … Read more

Longer Lashes, Stat

Beauty-wise, there’s one thing I’ve always been able to count on: my eyelashes. Due to a stroke of genetic luck, my lashes are long, thick and fluffy — no mascara required. Even if I had a pimple visible from the International Space Station, even if my undereye circles were darker than a Gillian Flynn novel, … Read more