Smoothies To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Reduce belly fat – with a smoothie: is that even possible? We’ll show you our three most popular belly fat killer smoothies and also deliver the recipes!Do you want to reduce your belly fat effectively? Then smoothies support you perfectly! If you now think of a creamy coconut milk smoothie with an iced banana and lots of dates, you are unfortunately wrong. Because especially in order to work off belly fat, you should avoid fruit smoothies.There are some types of fruit that can aid your digestion and help you lose weight. But please only enjoy these in moderation. What really helps with weight loss are green smoothies. We’ll tell you here whether it is also available in “delicious” and which ingredients you need for it!

Pineapple smoothie

Not for nothing a few years ago many women were on a pineapple diet. Although we now know that crash diets are useless, the pineapple has an advantage over other types of fruit that stimulates our fat loss: the enzyme bromelain.

This enzyme mainly inhibits our tissue hormones. This causes the blood vessels to become more impermeable. The result: less water can get from the blood vessels into the tissue. This not only reduces water retention but also prevents new ones. Great for your diet! The pineapple enzyme also ensures that your blood circulation is improved. Pineapple is a superfood when it comes to losing weight: And that’s exactly what you can see in belly fat.


  • 200 g lamb’s lettuce
  • 150 g fresh pineapple
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 1 teaspoon nut butter (for example almond butter)
  • 150 ml of coconut water

Turmeric smoothie

The power tuber we all love will also help you reduce your belly fat. The curcumin it contains has many great properties: It has an anti-inflammatory effect and lowers your smoothies to lose belly fat fast. Your blood lipid levels will also improve with the help of Indian turmeric. 

Turmeric also helps with weight loss: the active ingredients stimulate the formation of bile. This is how fat breakdown in the intestine really gets into full swing! Half a teaspoon a day is enough to benefit from the many health-promoting properties of turmeric.


  • 50 g fresh spinach leaves
  • 50 g pear
  • 50 g apple
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 200 ml of water

Smoothies can also be wonderfully combined with superfoods to increase the positive effect on your health. The new star in superfood heaven: Irish Heather honey is so healthy!

Papaya smoothie

Papaya is also a powerful fruit when it comes to weight loss. Not only does it have a very low sugar content (only 32 calories per 100 grams), it also contains – like pineapple – a very effective enzyme: papain. This enzyme contains over 200 amino acids and is not only anti-inflammatory. It also helps to split complex protein chains and thus stimulate digestion. Thus papaya is a miracle weapon against your belly fat!


  • Half a papaya
  • 200 g mango
  • 200 g romaine lettuce
  • 250 ml of water

Smoothies for flatulence – does it help?

It’s not just your belly fat that you can resolutely attack with smoothies. Because depending on what you mix in your smoothie, you can also relieve stomach discomfort or a bloated stomach. All you have to do is take a look in the baby section. 

The fennel-aniseed-caraway tea you can find is incredibly helpful for gas and stomach cramps. Admittedly, the ingredients are not exactly tasty. But when you mix the ice-cold tea into a fruity smoothie, the world looks completely different again:


  • Four frozen strawberries
  • A handful of frozen raspberries
  • ½ banana
  • Ice-cold fennel-anise-caraway tea