Lots of people often talk about: I want to lose weight. The assumption is that losing the absolute weight is the correct indicator. If the total weight just reduces then we will probably be on the right track, right? 

No! I do not think so. At least you shouldn’t look so black and white at the scales. It is more interesting to know what that total weight, what you see on the scales, consists of. Decreasing your total weight does not always mean that you have lost fat!

The chance even means that you have robbed the body of its capacity to burn fat. That is namely your muscle mass. In short:

The more muscle mass, the greater your capacity is to burn fat cells. 

 Measures you can take to get yourself in FAT BURNING MODE:

1. Train regularly

Everyone can start training at his or her level. You do not have to train on a daily basis, but ensure that there are sufficient challenge and strain for yourself in your training. We all know all too well when we really can no longer or when we give up because of less sense and perseverance. Make sure you push yourself to do your best just a little extra. By moving, the body requires more energy than sitting on the couch.

So by moving you burn more energy. We receive the energy supply from different sources. Exercise regularly and your body will burn more fat. Read more at point 2.

Tip: Plan ahead! Know what you want to do in your training, how many times a week, how long and when you do the training. Training too late in the evening can make sure that your body is completely on and that it is difficult for you to get to sleep. Keep that in mind!

2. Enough Sleep

In an ideal world with ideal circumstances, we would have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. During your sleep, your body recovers from physical and mental work. Growth hormone (HGH) is produced by your pituitary gland. This ensures that, for example, your training work is converted into positive results such as muscle gain (= higher capacity for burning fat) and improvement of your cardiovascular systems.

Another benefit is that it forces your body to obtain energy earlier from the fat cells. Burning fat is a process that takes longer than, for example, the process of sugar burning. Combine training and adequate sleep. You have the tools in your body, now only use them.

Tip: Phone off in bed and no stimulants before going to sleep such as coffee, cola, etc. In some agents, stimulants are hidden. So look carefully at what you eat.

3.  The right food

If we have the training and rest in the right balance, we come to an equally important point. Food!! With the right intake of the right amounts of macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, we can direct the body to burn energy. 

Everything costs energy, so also converting food into energy. This sounds contradictory, but you can make good use of it. It costs our body more energy to process proteins than it needs to process sugars. Pure profit, just from the right composition. Now don’t just eat protein! Search for a balanced diet.

4. Measuring is knowing

By that, I do not mean that you have to keep track of everything. It is good to weigh regularly, to look at yourself in the mirror and to check with yourself whether you are making progress. For example, it may be good to keep a food diary at the beginning. From both your old and new diet. You can also keep a log of your movement. By consciously working on your plan and your results, you can continuously adjust your plan to all kinds of variables. The body is in fact very dynamic and what works now does not have to work next year. And what works for someone else can have an adverse effect on you.

By measuring and registering you get more control over the process.